Statements of Economic Interests 2016

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Louann Murray03/31/2016
Ronald Bever03/31/2016
Michael Wolf03/31/2016
Christine Langellier03/31/2016
Michael G. Jurka Sr.03/31/2016
Mark A. Hodge03/30/2016
Vanessa Morrow03/30/2016
Brian Wright03/30/2016
Tyler Duane Tall Sr5ht03/30/2016
Mary R Clow03/30/2016
Terry Sirois03/30/2016
Randy Bisaillon03/30/2016
Mark A. Taylor03/30/2016
Laurie Wimberly03/30/2016
vera amiano03/30/2016
Matt Alexander03/30/2016
Mary Schubert03/30/2016
Connie Hendrickson03/30/2016
Wayne Blanchette03/30/2016
Joseph Gruber03/30/2016
Kevin Peterson03/29/2016
Sherry Parks03/29/2016
Michael Dorsam03/29/2016
Randy Rose03/29/2016
Lorna Osborne03/29/2016