Statements of Economic Interests

The Governmental Ethics Act requires elected officials, certain state employees and members of certain Boards and Commissions to file annual statements of economic interest with the Clerk’s office.

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2018 Entries
Note: Individuals who filed a paper copy of their Economic Interest Statement will not appear on this list, but copies can be obtained at the County Clerk’s office.

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Ashley Luft12/17/2018
Momence Park District12/17/2018
Michael Masulis12/16/2018
Kim Raloff12/10/2018
Cory Illum12/10/2018
Shirley M Koelling11/12/2018
Amy Shronts11/11/2018
Kristie Gore10/29/2018
Karen Peterson10/24/2018
Joelle Schneider10/15/2018
Jon Cousin05/22/2018
Bruce Clark05/15/2018
Amy Shronts05/13/2018
Dawn Landwehr05/10/2018
Simon Wu05/07/2018
Carolyn Navratil05/07/2018
James Cox05/02/2018
Craig King05/02/2018
Douglas Jones05/02/2018
Jamol Robinson05/02/2018
Kelly St Aubin05/01/2018
Keith A Zelhart05/01/2018
Terrance Hooper05/01/2018
Lydia Leveque05/01/2018
Ashley Luft05/01/2018