Statements of Economic Interests

The Governmental Ethics Act requires elected officials, certain state employees and members of certain Boards and Commissions to file annual statements of economic interest with the Clerk’s office.

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2019 Entries
Note: Individuals who filed a paper copy of their Economic Interest Statement will not appear on this list, but copies can be obtained at the County Clerk’s office.

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George Harris04/25/2019
Gerald Kuntz04/25/2019
Mark P O'Connor04/25/2019
George Weiland04/24/2019
Lucas O’Connell04/24/2019
Gabriel Salazar04/24/2019
Julie Wulff04/24/2019
Jon Whitten04/24/2019
Ellen Stringer04/24/2019
Andrew Graf04/24/2019
Angela Serafini04/24/2019
James Hanley04/24/2019
Nina Epstein04/24/2019
Jess Gathing04/24/2019
Keith Wojnowski04/24/2019
Addison Goering04/24/2019
Jennifer Edmonds04/24/2019
John Bobera04/24/2019
Mary E. Schubert04/24/2019
Gary Reaman04/24/2019
William VanWassenhove04/24/2019
Jill M. Morse04/24/2019
Kristen Jones04/24/2019
Nicholas Africano04/24/2019
Brett Dersien04/24/2019