Statement of Economic Interests to be Filed with the County Clerk : Entry # 6211

Name:Jamol Robinson
Each Office or Position of Employment for which this Statement is Filed:

Pembroke Road Commissioner

Full Post Office Address:13251 E Central St
PEMBROKE TWP, Illinois 60958
United States
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1. List the name and instrument of ownership in any entity doing business with a unit of local government in relation to which the person is required to file, in which the ownership interest held by the person at the date of filing is in excess of $5,000 fair market value, or from which dividends in excess of $1,200 were received during the preceding calendar year: (In the case of real estate, location thereof shall be listed by the street address, or if none, then by legal description.) No time or demand deposit in a financial institution, nor any debt instrument shall be listed.
Business Entity Instrument of Ownership Position of Management
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2. List the name, address and type of practice of any professional organization in which the person making the statement was an officer, director, associate, partner or proprietor, or served in any advisory capacity, from which income in excess of $1,200 was derived during the preceding calendar year
Name Address Type of Practice
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  • I declare that this Statement of Economic Interests (including any accompanying schedules and statements) has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct and complete statement of my economic interests as required by the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act. I understand that the penalty for willfully filing a false or incomplete statement shall be a fine not to exceed $1,000, or imprisonment in a penal institution other than the penitentiary not to exceed one year, or both fine and imprisonment.
Name of Person Making StatementJamol Robinson