Statements of Economic Interests 2019

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Nate McCue03/08/2019
LaDawn Armstrong03/07/2019
Cynthia Veronda03/08/2019
Kennilyn Hickory03/08/2019
Barnetta Harris03/08/2019
Joel Margliano03/08/2019
Larry D. Gray II03/08/2019
Keith White03/08/2019
Ronald Wilcox03/08/2019
Jennifer Way03/08/2019
Fiona Walz03/07/2019
Christopher Bohlen03/07/2019
Annette M. Tyler03/07/2019
Charles E. Hensley, Jr.03/07/2019
Ericka Garza03/07/2019
Kary Phelps03/07/2019
Terrence C Lee03/07/2019
Keryl Leah Carter03/07/2019
Sherry Spencer03/07/2019
Erin Thorne03/07/2019
Angela F Shea03/07/2019
Dr. Kathleen O'Connor03/07/2019
Ana D Kasal03/07/2019
John Rehmer03/04/2019
Bryan Wells02/28/2019