Statements of Economic Interests 2019

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Christina L. Demack04/30/2019
Terrence J Memenga04/30/2019
Terry L. Roundtree04/30/2019
Joe Kubal04/30/2019
Marc Wakat04/30/2019
Arthur E. Lax04/29/2019
Claudia J Noe04/29/2019
Lori Keigher04/29/2019
Michael Gall04/29/2019
Elizabeth Kubal04/29/2019
Timothy Johnson04/29/2019
Chasity L Wells-Armstrong04/29/2019
Tonya Evans04/29/2019
james m watters04/29/2019
Andy Cotter04/29/2019
Alan Lamore04/29/2019
Michael D McCue04/29/2019
ERION BAILEY04/29/2019
Brian mchugh04/29/2019
Chasity L Wells-Armstrong04/29/2019
Jackie Haas04/29/2019
Tomora Nelson04/29/2019
Emily Gentry04/29/2019
Andrew M Fisher04/29/2019
Frances Powers04/29/2019